Father Seraphim Rose

Yes, it is I, the same Katarzyna Coppercorn (now Kostenko) who has in the past has been Presbyterian, agnostic, New Agey pagan, and even a convert to Judaism. Thank God I’m finally an Orthodox Christian. More on that later, but I wanted to quote this bit from the book Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works (cover above):

P. 152:

“The ‘New Age’ movement, an infantile stage of the ‘age of magic,’ has become a circus for affluent Americans for whom the ‘question of bread’ has been solved.”

and on pages 148-149 (I probably should’ve started with this quote, actually):

“For the hunger of man cannot be satisfied by worldly bread; man must have otherworldly bread — or a clever substitute.

It was the necessity of this clever substitute that led Eugene to forsee what he previously referred to as ‘the age of magic.’ This is the goal of utopian idealism as well as occult prophecies: the age of abundance and marvels when the pseudo-religion of Antichrist will be validated and made attractive by miracles and signs. Eugene [Father Seraphim Rose, before he became a monk] wrote that ‘the infinite “curiosity,” as well as the spiritual hunger of men, will alike demand a magical universe to serve as surrogate for their impoverished intellectual and spiritual needs…Magic alone can keep people ‘happy’ who have everything worldly.”

I’m not an intellectual giant, and I’m writing this on a break from work, so I’m not going to examine this extensively. I just wanted to pass this tidbit along. I keep having these “aha!” moments as I read this book and here I think Father Seraphim is really onto something…


One thought on “Father Seraphim Rose

  1. nice blog:) i love the fr. seraphim rose book (although it took me a while to get through it because i have read a number of his other books and the second half of the book is pretty much a re-telling of some of those books).

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