Unseen Warfare

What’s Unseen Warfare? Well, it’s a book, but the gist of both the phrase and the book, as far as I can tell, is about fighting the evil within yourself to come close to God.

From the book:

“If you really desire to be victorious in this unseen warfare and be rewarded with a crown, you must plant in your heart the following four dispositions and spiritual activities, as it were arming yourself with invisible weapons, the most trustworthy and unconquerable of all, namely:

a) never rely on yourself in anything;
b) bear always in your heart a perfect and all-daring trust in God alone;
c) strive without ceasing;
and d) remain constantly in prayer.”

That painting at the top is another by Viktor Vasnetsov. Take a look at her face. That’s either indigestion or unseen spiritual warfare.


3 thoughts on “Unseen Warfare

  1. all of these are hard, but “never rely on yourself in anything” is particularly hard for me. My parents say I was always an “I’ll Do It MYSELF” type of girl. I’ve always been fiercely, stubbornly independent (actually, they called me Contrary Kristi when I was a kid) and ornery. Are we all like this, deep down? Surely there are some who are more saintly from the get-go?

  2. I agree the freedom and independence traits are peculiarly American and it is difficult to relinquish them. It’s probably a matter of first learning to trust God so that we can let go.(pardon the cliche)


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