Holy Tradition

I was just having a chat with a nice fellow who’s a disaffected Episcopalian (if you’re reading this and I’ve mis-labeled you, let me know!) … the term “Holy Tradition” came up in our conversation.

What is Holy Tradition in the Orthodox Church? “Holy Tradition, of which Holy Scripture is a part, includes the writings, teachings, acts of the apostles, saints, martyrs, and fathers of the Church, and her liturgical and sacramental traditions throughout the ages, the oral tradition of the early Church and the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils. All of this collective wisdom and experience through the centuries are combined to form this second great source of sacred authority.”

This whole concept, or the weight we give it, anyway, is very difficult for your average 21st-century intellectual to accept.

Indeed, there are so many things about Orthodoxy that are completely antithetical to what many of us grew up believing!

If only the Orthodox mindset were more…I don’t know … contagious!

But I’m wishing for the impossible, aren’t I? “For many are called, but few are chosen.” In this or any age, people have just not beaten down the door to become Orthodox.

But this is the kind of unfocused rambling I can’t afford on my lunch hour! Back to work!


2 thoughts on “Holy Tradition

  1. Many more people are converting than when I started going to church 35 years ago. I told Petros at that time I thought Orthodoxy was the “best kept secret.”
    It is true that you must change your whole way of viewing the world.

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