What are You Wearing?

“If what you’re wearing today isn’t making you happy, why the hell not? Life’s too short for boring miserable stopgap clothing. Don’t wait until you lose weight, or until you get married, or until you get that next job. Do it now. Grab every opportunity for joy that life affords you. A dress like this would be a good place to start.”

Though the dress she likes wouldn’t be my choice, I agree with what Erin (A Dress a Day) says! Certainly what we wear can’t “make us happy” — but feeling good about what we wear seems reasonable.


One thought on “What are You Wearing?

  1. Though I haven’t read through all of them, I love the spirit of your blogs, my not-as-of-yet-chummy-but-hopefully-before-too-long-that’ll-be-fixed friend.



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