Weight Watchers. Sigh.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve increased my girth so that I am now rectangular, nicely filling out my rectangular michiyuki. I am now just one pound shy of my all-time heaviest weight.

So. Back to Weight Watchers. I lost 17 pounds a couple of years ago using their Flex plan . Yes, I’ve gained nearly all of it back again. Sheesh. You’d think, at my advanced age, that I’d have learned a bit about exercising and moderation in eating. Alas, no.

I am doing the online program again, rather than attend meetings. I will again do the Flex plan. I will again lose 17 pounds. Hey, maybe twenty.

I have in the past tried Weight Watchers’ CORE plan, but I can’t seem to keep within its very sensible boundaries.

Why tell you this? Accountability. Now I’ll feel like Everyone Knows. And, alas, that helps.

(avoid hearing more about this topic by eschewing any ‘Kristin Again’ post that starts with the initials ‘WW’)


2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers. Sigh.

  1. Oh Kristen, I have joined WW so many times I cant keep track.
    I always lose and then gain it back.
    I usually lose over lent. We shall see this time.
    Ive been on the core, flex, online,in person..you name it. I find the core too restrictive.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Kristen
    I am a serial Weight Watcher joiner, but I have learnt it is better just to keep going. I have lost 98 lbs, and it has been up and down and I would have probably lost a lot more if I was good. Don’t set yourself too harsh goals be honest and know you may have weeks you put on but don’t worry you can get it off again. I have a long way to go yet. You can do it… think how you felt the last time..you can have that feeling back

    Love Polly

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