Agia Sophia Academy in Portland, Oregon

After church yesterday, we had a presentation about Agia Sophia Academy in Portland; it sounds absolutely wonderful. They’re just a fledgling school, the very first Orthodox Christian school in Oregon, but goodness, it sounds like they’re on the right track. And that track? Here’s more about Orthodox Christian classical education from the Orthodox Christian Schools of Northeast Ohio.

I was especially impressed by the six-year learning cycle. This outline is excerpted from the OCS-NEO site:

The study of Salvation History from Creation and the fall of man, to the raising up of Saints in the young United States is conducted in a six-year cycle, so that a student beginning an Orthodox classical program will cover the needed material twice before entering seminary or college.

The topic- and timeline are as follows:
Year 1 Old Testament (Creation and ancient Israel), Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumeria, Babylon, Assyria), Ancient Egypt.
Year 2 Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire, New Testament (from the Incarnation to the Apostolic Age), the Church through St. Constantine the Great.
Year 3 The Byzantine Empire (Apologists, Patriarchs and Emperors, Ecumenical Councils), distortion of the Faith in the See of Rome, medieval West/Orthodox East, the rise of Islam.
Year 4 Falling away and fracturing of the See of Rome (the Holy Roman Empire and the Franks, the Western Renaissance, the Reformation and Counter-reformation), the Enlightenment of Rus, and the Church under the Ottoman occupation.
Year 5 Orthodoxy and the Americas: The New World and Enlightenment of the Americas. The planting of the Church in North America, impact of changes in Europe and Asia.
Year 6 Orthodoxy and the World: World War I to Present. The impact of war, the Russian Revolution, the nation of Israel, Islamic fundamentalism, the information age, and the ecumenical movement on the Church.

Pray for everyone involved with Agia Sophia. It’d be wonderful for the school to flourish!


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