Headscarf Party

I love these headscarf looks, courtesy Tznius.com. Tznius.com is a company selling modest clothing for Orthodox Jews and anyone else who wants to dress on the less-revealing side. Here’s a blog entry that’s re-written the instructions for tying “the ribbon” headscarf style.

As you may know, many women who attend Orthodox churches cover their heads while in church. But far from all. When I first started attending church at St. John the Baptist, I joined the coverers and covered my hair with a headscarf. But I had trouble getting it to stay on my head and also I’d move my head stiffly to keep it on and my neck got sore, etc. So I opted out and went uncovered.

Obviously, I am focusing here on the practical rather than the religious aspects of headcovering, but let’s throw in something on that part of the issue.

There’s something to be said on both sides. Here’s a bit from a woman who describes the reasons why she covers her head. She actually covers her head all the time, with the argument that if you cover your hair while you’re praying, and you’re trying to pray without ceasing, then of course covering it all the time is the way to go. On the Internet, it’s easy to find a lot of information on this, pro or con. I’m not sure where I stand. Though I tend to favor Tradition…

I may do it again if I can find a way to keep my hair covered in a comfortable way.

(the image above is from Tznius.com)


4 thoughts on “Headscarf Party

  1. Hi there. I’m Catholic and choose to cover my hair when I’m out of the house… just a personal choice. I used to wear a headscarf only while in church. I also had the problem of slipping. Clips didn’t work. I even tried clipping the headscarf to a headband lol. But then I took a doo-rag (however it’s spelled) and used it like an underscarf. The fabric of the underscarf creates friction, I guess. Whatever it does I barely even feel the scarf anymore. It evens out the pressure so all the pressure isn’t at the base of my neck anymore, and it doesn’t slip at all.

    Either a regular doo-rag would work, or a bandana might… here’s some examples of underscarves, though. :)



    These might also work, I haven’t tried them:


    Feel free to e-mail me if you want. :)

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