Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

Through a fellow librarian, I discovered a very cool “Make Your Own Kaleidoscope” tool at I’ve been having so much fun translating pictures into kaleidoscopic designs!

I’m told there’s something like this in PhotoShop, but obviously I’m out of the loop.

KrazyDad will also point you to wonderful kaleidoscope screen savers.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

  1. when I saved the kaleidoscopes to my computer, they’re saved as ‘bitmaps,’ rather than .jpgs or .gifs. I can’t put a bitmap pic on this Blogger website. (I don’t even know if I’m using these terms correctly!) If anyone knows how to work it so that I could put some of my krazydad-ed kaleidoscopes on this blog, please let me know?

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