Plain Dress and Quaker Jane

Dress and costume fascinate me. I figure that obsessing about this subject is probably a temptation I should resist, but, naturally, I usually give in to the impulse. Today I am scooting around the Net looking at sites on Modest Dressing. Here is a fascinating testimonial from a woman who decided she was called to dress plainly. I particularly idenitified with the part about her religious search and how she first chose to try the Unitarian Church. She says “I searched the Internet for a religious home my strongly feminist, anti-Christianity sensibilities could tolerate.” These could have been my words, pre-Orthodoxy. I searched high and low for the right thing. Mostly low. :-)

QuakerJane has a great overview of Plain Dress in general and Quaker Plain Dress in particular. I love this page, too, with Isabel Jane and her non-Quaker, non-plain husband.

Isabel’s friend Paula has a blog where she discusses how “a simple-living-loving suburban glamour girl overcame mental and physical illness, and a lifetime of difficulties to become a bonnet-wearing Quaker charged to work out her concerns in the world.”

Here’s another blogger who finds herself fascinated by plain dress, with a bit of input from her readers.

If anyone stumbles on this post who’s interested in discussing dressing more plainly, there’s a Yahoo group for just that. I do appreciate Martin Kelly’s comment, though: “I don’t want to fetishize plain dress by talking about it too much.” Bingo!

And Orthodoxy? Modest dress is certainly seen as a good thing in Orthodoxy. Here’s an Orthodox article that says, “dressing modestly and removing oneself from the prevailing secular culture are personal requisites for fulfilling some of the most fundamental commandments of Christian life.”

(the pic? I fed the URL for a photo of an Amish quilt into Krazydad’s Kaleidoscope Maker)


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