For years, I had no allergy symptoms. After 40+ years of living in the Pacific Northwest, the high pollen counts wore on me or something, and now I, well, suffer. For a while, Zyrtec seemed to alleviate the symptoms, but I am still taking it and this week has been … rather trying … in terms of sneezing, sniffing, sore throat, etc. Nasty.

A co-worker said that sometimes your body gets used to an allergy medication and you have to switch to another medication to get relief? Ack.

For fun, I thought I’d see how much longer this would last. Pollen.com has an ‘allergy forecast.’ Enter your zip code at the top of the top of the page.

On the intial page of the Pollen.com site, a map of the U.S. is featured. See that BIG RED BLOB over western Oregon? That’s an artist’s rendering of my NOSE at this moment.


One thought on “Pollen.com

  1. has anyone done that allergy remedy where you take nettles in some or another…like nettle tea, plus local honey?

    Spozed to work…haven’t tried it yet.

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