Sculptor Louise Nevelson’s Look

Fashion designer Anna Sui has called sculptor Louise Nevelson one of her style icons, and speaks admiringly of Nevelson’s preference in later years for wearing “multicolor headscarves and Russian peasant dresses.” Laura Lisle’s biography Louise Nevelson: a Passionate Life describes her outfit for an art opening: “On opening night, Louise pinned on her shoulders two deep purple silk Japanese tapestries, each embroidered with an enormous white crane, gray branches, and pink cherry blossoms. Underneath she wore a starched white embroidered peasant blouse and a long black ruffled Mexican skirt. She had begun to cover her cropped, thinning gray hair with a bandanna, not unlike a Russian babushka, and that evening she wore a headdress created from a turquoise damask napkin. As final touches she added a necklace of boar’s teeth and a large brooch she had made from black wood and sheet gold. ” Interestingly, Lisle notes later in the book that “during the last decades of her life, [wearing] lavish, attention-getting clothing helped her feel like the beauty she had [once] been.”

(the pic? Nope, not Louise Nevelson’s boots. Rather, boots designed by Anna Sui. God help me, I was 13 in 1972 and the era made a lasting impression on me. I like these boots!)


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