Frida Fashions!

I like the idea. Frida Fashions wants to help you become as stylish and cool as Frida Kahlo. They sell clothing and accessories; shop with them and you will be a Frida Kahlo lookalike. Frida Kahlo’s life and styleand her jewelry — were fascinating, definitely.

Nice post here, too, from the blog Brain Smatter, with good links to various Frida-ish pages.

An aside: several years ago, a friend of mine, a jeweler, gave me earrings inspired by a pair given by Picasso to Frida. They’re sterling silver, a pair of very realistic hands. When I first opened the package, it was kind of a shock, but I’ve become fond of them.

(the pic? a collage portraying Frida Kahlo, by someone called F. Lennox…or I think that’s the name…can’t find out for sure…if anyone knows, or if the artist wants me to take this off my site, just send me an email; thanks!)


One thought on “Frida Fashions!

  1. Hmmm…just got an interesting email from someone who seemed to think I was critical of Frida’s look or culture. Nope. I like it. For the record. :-)

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