Swimsuits, Modest and More Mainstream

Since I can’t swim due to the cast on my arm, I am course devoting some thought to this pastime. And — naturally– my thoughts jump to what one wears to swim. I already pointed out the modest suits at Wholesome Wear; here are more very nice modest suits at Swimwear Solutions. The neckline, sleeves, leggings, and skirt length on the Swimsuit Solutions suits can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Nice. Muslim? Here’s a shop that sells very Modest suits. And…whoa…here’s some at Jelbab.com that are even more modest. Swim Modest has some sarong-style suits. If your constraints are fewer and your tastes more mainstream, Land’s End claims that a beautiful, stress-free swim season starts at their site.

Hey! Before we leave the pool, Want a swimsuit that does the floating for you?

(getreligion.org also takes a look at the modest swimwear issue)


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