Frida Kahlo’s Hair

I’ve been wearing my hair in a style similar to Frida’s here, braiding a wrap around the top.   In terms of being flattering, I’m not sure it’s perfect, but I do like it. While we’re looking at Frida, check out that Frida Kahlo onesie!  From Black Wagon, a store right here in Portland, Oregon.  Is that cool, or what???


3 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo’s Hair

  1. Well, no…but here’s a link to a photo of Kahlo that shows the back of her head.,,2147055,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

    Looks like she simply braided the hair into two plaits at the bottom of her skull then drew it up over the sides (behind the ears) and pinned it on top. The one pic I have here shows fabric braided on top, but I think you could use basically the same technique.

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