Gauntlets/Sleeve Extenders

A while back, I transformed the very cool striped tights I own into sleeve extenders, also called gauntlets. I wasn’t using them much as tights, and I like the look of longer sleeves coming out from under my michiyuki. Especially striped sleeves.

However, I found myself yearning for the flexibility of plain-colored gauntlets on occasion. Sure, I could just wear a long-sleeved shirt, but it’s handy to have the extenders because I can actually pull them off and on easily and thereby regulate my temperature. Since I tend to dress warmly, this can really help when the air conditioning in church isn’t working so well, for example.

So. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that our Muslim sisters are all over this sleeve extender/gauntlet situation. And, bless ’em, Hijab Al-Muminat offers them in a whole bunch of zingy colors. Without the lace at the cuffs you see on the sleeve extenders at several other Muslim clothing sites.


(the photo is from Hijab Al-Muminat and shows the colors of their underscarves — gauntlets are available in most of the same colors)


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