What’s a Snood?

Another by-product of having been a teenager in the seventies is that I have a fondness for cauls or snoods. Karen Marie Shelton feels the same way, and starts her snood overview with an anecdote about wearing snoods as a student at the University of Missouri thirty years ago.

The Happy Heads coverings I mentioned yesterday? The Quick Wrap version is a snood.

One of the photos here shows a snood paired with a cap. I like this look a lot. I wear a beret and a snood together this way sometimes.

Want to wear snoods yourself?  Auntie Nan will crochet a snood for you if you like.  They make lovely crocheted snoods (including a lined version!) at Lady MacSnood’s. Or you can buy one from She Maketh Herself Coverings. Or The Pillaged Village. Or Landysforgifts.com,which offers a snood with a ruffle on top and rosettes at the sides or a velveteen snood with a braided headband. Or Lisette’s Country Fabric Creations — which also offers lovely crocheted caps (or will again, soon, I hope, when she finds a new person to crochet them).

Wendy’s Modest Dress has a nice ‘modern’ caul and a plain caul, too.

Do you sew? Here’s a free pattern for a cloth snood. Crochet? Here are instructions for crocheting a snood.

Afraid your snood is going to slip off the back of your head? The ladies at She Maketh Herself Coverings have this advice: “those who enjoy wearing crocheted snoods often find it helpful to put the elastic around a headband to secure it to the head. A thin plastic headband with fine teeth is sufficient to prevent the snood from slipping off the back of your head. Place the headband as one would usually wear it towards the front of the head. Place your hair in the net part of the snood and stretch the elastic opening around the front of the head band to hold it firmly in place.”

If you want that Jodi Foster in “Anna and the King” snood look, you should know that stuffing your snood is perfectly legitimate and probably the way to go.



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