A Sontag, a Fichu, a Bosom Buddy

I stumbled across something cool while I was looking up information on snoods. It’s called a sontag, or a ‘bosom friend’ or ‘bosom buddy.’ It’s kind of like a fichu, only it’s more like a vest that crosses over in the front and buttons in the back. It will “keep you warm without the danger of shawl ends getting into a campfire.”

Landysforgifts.com will sell you a crocheted one, and S&S Sutler of Gettysburg offers them, knitted.

If you crochet yourself, there are two free patterns available from the nice ladies of the South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary. And you’ll find another pattern here. Or you could buy one from The Octagon.

(the big photo? That’s the front of a wonderful sontag created by the knitting blogger of Favorite Apron; she says she used the pattern from the Atlanta Guard Society. The little drawing shows the back of a sontag)


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