Allergy Update

Remember my post back in June about my allergies? Well, I finally got to an allergist, and surprise, surprise: I do not have allergies. I have a problem with particulates! Oh, boy.

I mention this only to help others. If, for example, you didn’t have allergies for years, and now, suddenly, you seem to have them when the pollen count is high, guess what? It’s probably particulates.

They don’t have drugs for it. My doctor recommends doing unspeakable things to your sinuses with salt water.

I’m thinking that I might look rather fetching in a particulate respirator. Hmmm…


One thought on “Allergy Update

  1. Get yourself a neti pot and join the millions of us who self-torture trying to stay free of sinus infections.

    P.S. It DOES work!

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