Jobs Handtryck

One of my favorite books was published in 1987: Made in Sweden: Art, Handicrafts, Design. It’s by Anja Notini.

Leafing it through it last night, I found the page on Gocken Jobs, a textile designer for her family business, Jobs Handtryck, which has been producing hand-printed fabrics, mostly for home interior use, since 1944.

That’s one of Gocken Jobs’ designs shown here, a fabric called Rhubarb Green/Black, or “Rabarber,” actually, apparently available from the Skandium website.

Also, Nonchalant mom offers a lovely hand screened Madonna print from Jobs Handtryck. It would be nice framed as a gift. For a new mom, maybe.

Oh, dear. I just spotted the handbags created with Jobs Handtryck’s fabrics. And the prices. If I plugged everything into the currency converter correctly, it appears that just buying a meter of fabric from Jobs Handtryck would set you back about $150. Gulp.

Have I extolled the virtues of Do-It-Yourself design lately?


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