The Kristinsdottir Snood: How-to

1. Take a slip-on hood like those worn by Muslim women (the ones I have I bought as part of several-piece sets from Veiled by Design but you can also buy them in a huge array of colors as part of a two-piece set)– of the items in this picture, the large bright orange one is the hood). Or take a snood like one of these from ModestWorld.

2. Pull on your snood or hood as if it were a headscarf or a veil, so that it’s on the back of your head, not covering your throat. Leave it further down on your forehead at this point so that you don’t pull it back too far in the next step.

3. Take a crocheted snood (I would strongly recommend a beaded one, like this from Lady MacSnood, as it looks less like something you’d be wearing if you worked at a cannery or something).

4. Pull the snood on over the hood, adjusting so that the hood and the snood start at the same place at the top of your head. Tuck the longer ends of the hood into the back of the snood. One reason using a hood works well is that the extra tucked-in fabric gives the illusion that there is a good amount of hair under the snood. This is more flattering than a flat-as-a-pancake snood.

5. Voila! You look pulled together and neat as a pin. And both the underlying hood (especially if it’s in a contrasting color, like red) and the beads on the snood contribute to a more polished look and give less of an impression that you’re about to gut a salmon.

Experiment. You can probably obtain a similar look in other ways, like putting a scarf under the snood, and so on.


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