Tabard Observation from April

Ran across this bit on tabards from a ‘young-ish mother and citizen of the world.’

After discussing the popularity of tabards in the UK, she says:

I remember years and years ago Johnny Vaughn did a very funny tribute to “Women in Tabards” on the big breakfast. For weeks on end he had the public send in pictures of women sporting the smocks and he showed them on the show and went on rapturously about how fantastic Tabards were. All I can remember are hundreds of pictures of lunch ladies and being new to the country being slightly unsure whether this was a joke or not. When he soon followed with an “Ode to Mutton Chops” it was made pretty clear to me.

Shocking. Not everyone is a tabard fan??? :-)

(the pic? A carefree-looking x-ray tech in a tabard-style apron sold by Protecx)


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