Retro L´Amour, Another Source for Snoods

Retro L’Amour is a UK company that will make more unusual snoods.

(photos from the Retro L’Amour website)


3 thoughts on “Retro L´Amour, Another Source for Snoods

  1. You are such an enabler. Thanks.

    On a side note, I bought Kristins Labransdottir (sp?) for my mom several years ago, but I’ve not read it

  2. Yes, I am bad, bad, bad. :-)

    On the Kristin thing…it was my birth name (and no, I’m pretty sure my parents never read the book — and neither have I!). Since I changed my first name in 1993, I decided when I became Orthodox to take Kristin back as my baptismal name. So my ‘patron saint’ is the Big Guy, I guess. Anyway, my nameday is Christmas.

    And now you know The Rest of the Story. :-)

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