Beret of the Day: Parkhurst

These are photos of two sizes of Parkhurst berets (the blueish one is 11 and 1/2 inches, the yellowish-cream one is 10 and 1/2 inches). These are cotton and lighter-weight and therefore much more comfortable than the scratchy wool berets ubiquitous in my childhood.


9 thoughts on “Beret of the Day: Parkhurst

  1. I can’t remember what reference he saw to it, but he’s been saying “I want a beret” for awhile now, and his birthday is the end of February.

    Black, do you think? Wool or cotton?

  2. I’d get him a black cotton one like these from Parkhurst (there are some Israeli ones, too, that are just about identical to the Parkhurst berets). If the cotton doesn’t suit him, then you get to keep it and you can buy him a wool Basque beret or something.

    I think the smaller size is better for guys, probably. Less ‘flop’ to it and thus more masculine.

    My opinion. :-)

  3. On the basque berets, be sure to spring for one with a LEATHER sweat band rather than “leatherette” or vinyl some of them are made with. It costs more with leather, but it’s better quality. Also, the basque beret might be considered more masculine than the Parkhurst as it’s more structured, if you know what I mean. Not soft and girly. On the other hand, Ed Harris wore a Parkhurst beret. :-)

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