I’ve always liked cutting and pasting and I’ve recently found some folks online who enjoy this as much as I do. Gluebooks are a cross between art journals and collage. There are some Yahoo Groups of people who are into doing this stuff: ‘gluebooks‘ and ‘gluebots’ are two I know about. And I’ve seen some gluebooks on Flickr.

Here, lifted from the site of the Yahoo ‘gluebooks’ group, are The Official Gluebook Rules:

1. Find a book. Any book. Spiral bound, blank, composition, used, old, new, whatever—it’s your gluebook.2. Find some glue. Any glue you like—you’re the one who is going to use it.

3. Find some things to glue. Any things you like—you’re the one who will be gluing them.

4. Glue with reckless abandon.

(The pics here? Some of my gluebook spreads)


3 thoughts on “Gluebooks

  1. Kristin,
    These are gorgeous! I’m so glad you’ve shared them… now you’ll have to make it a habit because I, for one, would love to see more!

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