There’s No Place Like Home: the Food House Fantasy

I’ve been dipping into When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies by Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol H. Munter. One of their ideas to help women ‘legalize’ forbidden foods (and thus come to a healthier attitude about themselves and their bodies) is the Food House Fantasy. They suggest you imagine a place that is your Food House; in it is all the food you’ve ever wanted.

Once you’ve done this, they ask you to consider your fantasy house. What was it like? How did it feel when you entered it? What happened?

I did this and realized that when I was imagining my fantasy house, it was actually kind of hard to concentrate on the food part of the fantasy. I realized that for me, it was not so much about food as it was about love. The main presence in my fantasy food house is a loving grandmotherly lady, making sure I get everything I need. Maybe I could think of her as the Theotokos.

In pondering all of this, I realize that my eating issues are not so much about the foods I eat (or feel I shouldn’t allow myself to eat!) as they are about that feeling of being loved and knowing you’re getting everything you need. And I need to know that there is a kindly Someone — the Theotokos, my Guardian Angel, God, even me! — that wants Kristin to get everything she needs.

Hmmm. Must repeat that. Everything she needs. Everything she needs. Everything I need. Which is, truth be told, much less than I usually put in my mouth!

There’s no place like Home, eh? Or maybe I should say that it’s never too late to create that Home-ish feeling for yourself.

(the illustration? One of my collages)


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