In an Orthodox Church

“Through our worship we redirect all of our senses to God, as we pray with both body and soul. Our sight is fixed not on what brings us sensual pleasure, but on the icons, the vestments of priests, the architecture of the church building which lifts us up from the realm of this earth. We should not be noticing what other people are wearing — or wearing things so that people notice us — but with our physical eyes fixed on the icons, etc., we lift our spiritual eyes also to behold the Lord.” — excerpted from an essay in The Veil (Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 2004), the newsletter of Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Monastery of Lake George, Colorado. Subscribe to The Veil by contacting the Monastery at 2343 County Road 403, PO Box 416, Lake George, Colorado, 80827, telephone: 719-748-3999

(the illustration is one of my gluebook spreads)


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