The Writer Philip Gerard

hkat.jpgWriter Philip Gerard says:

“I believe in the writer as a witness to evil, as a reporter of injustice, as a chronicler of human compassion, even on occasion of greatness, as one whose skills illuminate the Truth with a capital T, without irony. I believe it is the job of the writer to put into words what is worst – and also what is best – about us. To light up our possibilities, discover the finest lives to which we can aspire, and to inspire our readers to greatness of soul and heart.”

Nicely said, eh?  I found his essay on living in Hurricanelandia and liked it;  then found more of his fine work at his website.    Several of the essays on his bibliography have hyperlinks so you can read the full thing.

 I mentioned I read to adults at the library where I’ll work?  I’m going to treat them to some Philip Gerard.

(photo credit of Hurricane Katrina to


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