Orthodox Wedding Crowns


At OrthodoxWeddingCrowns.com, you’ll find lovely, fancy stefana, or the crowns of the type used in Orthodox Christian wedding ceremonies.


4 thoughts on “Orthodox Wedding Crowns

  1. Christ is Risen!
    I came to Orthodoxy already married and had my marriage blessed. As I didin’t have a “church wedding” I finally did get to have one after sixteen years of marriage. I wore a deep blue velvet pre-Raphaelite gown with gold trim and since we are OCA and the Church we converted into is a very small country parish of Slovakian heritage, they have actual crowns, think Queen and King of England, very beautiful with icons and stones, very medeval! These are held above the head by the God parents, who stand behind, while we held our candles. It was lovely.
    We had our marriage blessed on Sanctity of Life Sunday 2002.
    Some Dioceses really stress having converts bless their marriages others don’t. We have never regretted this beautiful day and the party that followed that we threw for our friends and new Church family.
    Never live your life through others!
    Indeed He is Risen!
    the handmaid,

  2. I heard it’s a martyr’s crown that the bride and groom are to wear. Indeed marriage is a life of dying to oneself, and it’s best for the bride and groom to know this from the outset, before the days of disillusionment come, so they’re prepared to continue to forgive and forbear as Christ did and does through them daily.

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