Turning to Orthodoxy

The blog My Greek Odyssey points us to an article by Amy Johnson Frkyholm on the increasing numbers of Americans turning to Orthodox Christianity.


7 thoughts on “Turning to Orthodoxy

  1. So, I found myself thinking about this article this morning (in my thinking spot, which happens to be the shower). Anyway, while I thought that there were a lot of neat things about this article – her discusison of why people convert and the experience of being in Russia, I also thought that she really worked hard to focus on a perceived “anti-women” bias of Orthodoxy (which I don’t agree is there).

    What to you think, K?

    (on a side note, I’m almost done with The Mistress of Husaby)

  2. Howdy, I read it again. I agree, the Orthodox Church is not in my opinion anti-woman. However, to those with a certain mindset, it could appear that way. And yep, I think this reporter did kind of focus on that stuff. Somewhat annoying. And yet, so many things in the mainstream media are somewhat annoying. :-)

  3. I agree with you, and I also agree that it would be surprising in many ways if it didn’t have that angle. And, I did at one point have that mindset, so I can certainly relate.

    Anyway, I want you to know that I enjoyed the article too.

  4. For what it is worth I think women are really central to the Church. Look at any community. It is the women that do the important work that is vital to a community’s success (and I’m not talking about making coffee). Anyone who thinks that women are on the periphery of Orthodoxy does not have an appreciation of what Orthodoxy is all about. In my own life women have played a key role in my spiritual upbringing. Unfortunately, we bring a great deal of baggage to our Orthodox faith from the world around us.

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