Why Do I Cover My Hair?


I was emailing with someone who knows me only through the Net and in the course of our conversation about hats she said, about a particular hat we were discussing, that “the pattern you sent leaves the front of the hair exposed” and she mentioned that she knew I like to cover my hair, so wouldn’t I prefer a hat that came down over the front of the hairline?

 This is what I said in reply.

“My blog is (unintentionally!) deceptive. I like hats, but covering all my hair, though it’s a practice that fascinates me, is not something I do on a regular basis every single day. Sometimes my hair (which is getting rather long) hangs down and only the top of my head is covered. Sometimes I put it in two braids. Sometimes I tuck it all in. Sometimes I have my hat further down on my forehead and sometimes (like today), it’s pushed back.  You know, kind of Frida Kahlo-ish, when she’d wear the wreathed stuff on her head a little further back.

Sometimes I do not cover my head at all, though lately I have it covered more often that not.

Though I respect the women who cover for religious reasons , I only wish I were noble enough :-) (or whatever) to do that all the time.  I’m not convinced that this is something that contemporary women are called to do (some of us Orthodox folks in the States cover our hair in church, but many don’t — it’s more common in other countries for Orthodox women to cover in church).

But … still (strangely) I have to say that lately I am really drawn to covering it. But I suspect it’s probably the lure of variety that makes headcoverings attractive to me. I am so tired of just about every hairstyle and haircut!  And hats and headscarves offer another wonderful way to layer and add color and so on.

So.  This way of thinking about headcoverings may change at any time.  I may look at it more religiously tomorrow. 

 There are wonderful women who do.

Or I may just end up with an ingrained habit that happens to coincide nicely with a beautiful religious custom.

And so it goes. 

(photo credit to Julia A.  She’s wearing a headscarf because she is visiting an Orthodox monastery)


One thought on “Why Do I Cover My Hair?

  1. Christ is Risen!
    I thank you for the link to the article on Christ is in our midst!
    Your flickr photos are really beautiful.
    I am unsure if I am in the “women” you have considered “wonderful”, on the unlikely shot you did; I can assure you that I am not, but it was nice for a moment to think perhaps I could be, one day… wonderful.
    But I want to want to be one day and that is enough for now.
    As you say, “And so it goes…”
    I will visit again. Great Blog!
    Indeed He is Risen!
    the handmaid,

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