Shukr Watch: Fishtail Skirt!

shukr_1944_15222470.gifshukr_1944_15213086.gif  I love Shukr.   And I love these fishtail skirts in the black tulip color!


6 thoughts on “Shukr Watch: Fishtail Skirt!

  1. I bought a couple of their skirts, thanks for pointing me in their direction! The quality is great! And yes, that fishtail is fabulous, cannot say I like their tops too much though… ;)
    the handmaid,

  2. Bought it and am wearing it right now to go to a party!
    I picked the oceania color, it fits great and is wayyy slimming.
    That is important for us middle-aged girls.
    Thanks for the tip on shukr, I love their clothes too!
    the handmaid,

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