Hat of the Day

mayt0446s1.jpgFrom 2Hijab.com.  Kinda frilly.  Yup, I am actually wearing this hat right now.  Maybe I need an headgear intervention?  Though, come to think of it, several people have tried that with me already… :-)


3 thoughts on “Hat of the Day

  1. Yeah, I think for most Orthodox women (who aren’t wearing headgear all the time), scarves are a better church-choice than hats. Especially since there’s a big temptation to go wild with hats that isn’t really an option with scarves. Going wild isn’t so much a church thing, you know? :-) Since I’m wearing hats all the time, though, I’m finding those little Egyptian hats (from 2hijab.com, similar to this one shown in ‘Hat of the Day’) are very lightweight and breathe really well. They photograph as almost velvet-y, but they’re actually made of a kind of slinky material. If you’re wearing shiny barettes under the hat, you can definitely see the shine. :-)
    Again, I want to emphasize that I’m not really wearing headcoverings for religious reasons, though I think that’s cool and I totally respect it. I just prefer wearing them most of the time, for a variety of reasons.

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