Keeping Cool in Modest Clothing

bilahsg.jpgModern Traditional is an interesting site that “keeps track of current style trends in traditional clothing and arts, in various countries, and covers modesty issues that are applicable to many cultures and religious backgrounds.” 

They have a helpful article on dressing to keep cool in the hot summer months. 

 While you’re at the site, also check out the article, “Hijab — It’s Not Just for Muslims.”  Interesting.

They have a couple of cool headwrap how-tos, as well.  I like this site!

(that great pic?  From brookesb at flickr)


One thought on “Keeping Cool in Modest Clothing

  1. Thanks for posting this. The links are very interesting. It’s funny that when it comes to clothing most people think that less is more in the Summer months, when in reality, it’s better to cover your skin and hairs to keep you cool and protected from the sun.

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