More Cool-in-Hot-Temps Tips


Scroll down a bit to get to the section called Keeping Your Cool.

I like this tip:  “Wear your hair up. It is amazing how much cooler you feel just getting your hair off your neck…”  I know, I know…elementary, right?  But it’s worth thinking about growing your hair longer in summer if it makes the difference in getting it off your neck!

(nice pic, eh?  From Sean Dreilinger — of Lake Oswego, Oregon!)


One thought on “More Cool-in-Hot-Temps Tips

  1. found this interesting tip at “This is the all time best tip of all time for hot, sticky summer weather…when you wear a dress or skirt, simply pull on a pair of bike shorts underneath, this absorbs moisture and prevents chafing! It’s so comfortable when you are out all day.”

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