Modest Clothing Directory


This is sooo cool!   Dara of the Modest Clothing Directory has linked to this,  my humble blog, as one of her “Cool Sites and Blogs.”   Since I deeply appreciate her work and love her site, this is beyond gratifying for me.

If you have an interest in dignified dressing, you’ve got to visit the Modest Clothing Directory.  She lists modest clothing sites by creed and region, and she even links to sites that sell and promote organic and fair trade goods.    And there’s a page for rare, hard-to-find clothing itemsAnd for things she considers “neat inventions.”  Plus, she has links to great articles about modest dressing and modest clothing tips.  And that’s just the beginning.

Hey, if you dress yourself at all, the Modest Clothing Directory is well worth a look. 

Thanks, Dara!


4 thoughts on “Modest Clothing Directory

  1. I know I’m getting here a little late but I was searching around for modest clothing sites and found Dara’s page through your blog.

    Do eastern orthodox christians wear an equivalent to the Hijab?

  2. The answer to your question, Dan, would be no.


    About the only thing that would differentiate Orthodox Christians from most people on the street is that some women wear a headcovering while in church.

    Still, you will occasionally read or hear an Orthodox Christian speak of the virtue of dressing modestly.

    Hope that helps.

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