People of Faith and Academe


“Does it really matter whether I am Muslim or Jewish? Should the exact size and shape of the head covering affect how you read this essay? How different is it from wearing a cross? Imagine for a moment that I am a human being with a strong academic record who happens to look a little different from you …”

Article:  “Deceived by Appearances” by Na’ema Suleiman, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Monday, July 9, 2007.

(photo credit to my mailo)


4 thoughts on “People of Faith and Academe

  1. on the other hand, you have people with tattoos all over their body claiming their tattoos shouldn’t matter in landing them a job … and yes, I admit it … I do feel differently about visible tattoos! Note that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could possibly take some interest in the case of a person tattooed for religious reasons who is rejected for a job on the basis of his/her tattoos … hmmmm … interesting, isn’t it?
    (go to this webpage: for article by Harry Wessel, originally published in the Orlando Sentinel, 07/08/07)

  2. What about Matt Farlow saying “I think that Jesus is gonna have a tattoo when he comes back. [The Bible] says he’s gonna have written on his thigh, ‘Lord of Lords and King of Kings.'” ?

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