Hijab Envy


“The straight-up-and-down featurelessness of the typical Muslim gown is in fact, the ideal canvas for a play of colours, textures, and patterns.”  Exactly.  As is the case with the haori and the michiyuki.  Which is why I adore them.  Sigh.

The pics?  I *think* those are all designs from Iva LativahMy new favorite designer.  More about her here (yup, I think that’s an Indonesian website.  No, I can’t read it, either). 


3 thoughts on “Hijab Envy

  1. heh. Well, a Christian fashion show (or fashionista) is also pretty much an oxymoron.
    :-) Thanks for saying hi, Xenia!

    (love your illustrations for the bulletin and so on! Livens things up in a great way!)

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