Are You Saved?


This question, “Are you saved?” is a common one many of us encounter when facing Christians with a Protestant background.   There’s a relatively brief three-part answer …

(the saint?  Yes, it’s Saint Zlata!  I hope the artist,  Ralitza Ilieva, doesn’t mind my showing the icon here and linking to her site.  I tried contacting her twice via email, but the mail bounced back.  Anyway, lovely icon, isn’t it?)


4 thoughts on “Are You Saved?

  1. I once took my 2 oldest children to our local homeschool group’s Christmas Party. I pushed the baby around town in the stroller for a while and came back to the party. I was livid to find out that my children had been “put in a different room with someone to pray with them” because, when asked if they were saved, they didn’t have the proper response. I am a confessional Lutheran and we just don’t use that language. We were saved at baptism.
    Good post!

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