Brenda Ueland: The Art of Listening


Brenda Ueland was a delightfully opinionated writer, the aunt of publisher Eric Utne, whose Utne Reader used to print excerpts from her unpublished letters.  In trying to track down one of those excerpts, on walking, I’ve come across this great little essay she wrote on the subject of listening to others.

“… when we listen to people there is an alternating current that recharges us so we never get tired of each other.  We are constantly being re-created …”

(photo credit to the Children at Risk Foundation)


One thought on “Brenda Ueland: The Art of Listening

  1. a friend shared a copy of this essay with me some time back. i thot it was a worth keeping– although i have not read it in quite sometime, this copy is still in one of my boxes… somewhere :)

    thanks for sharing about Brenda Ueland’s background… i found it amusing that Eric Utne would print excerpts from her letters.

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