I Want to be Better


Says Xenia, “From now on, I will try my best to stop product placement, both in the blogosphere and in my day to day life. I need to re-prioritize what I value. Lord have mercy.”

Her whole post is brilliant.

I don’t know if I can get the librarian-helper-enabler part of me to follow Xenia in her pledge.  But I think it is absolutely the right thing to do.

And, when I think about it,  a real helpful and caring Christian would not tempt others with unrelenting spending opportunities.


Lord have mercy!

(photo credit to beggs)


6 thoughts on “I Want to be Better

  1. Please leave your blog the way it is! I depend on you finding all sorts of lovely things that I can go see and, perhaps, if I need the items, purchase. To stop product placement would defeat the purpose of sharing the wonderful items you find. This is not a temptation for me, it is a service! If I cannot keep myself from purchasing such items, then it is MY problem, not yours! Thanks. Barbara

  2. I really enjoy your blog just the way it is. Everyone of us has her/his own temptations. We all have to learn to live with that which tempts us. You dont need to change what you do.
    By the way, it was nice seeing you at church yesterday!

  3. ahhhh, shucks. :-) Thanks, Susan! Great to see you, too. I had to be in the kitchen helping with the food. It sounded like our Metropolitan Gerasimos was happy with his visit with us, didn’t it?

    And thanks for your encouragement on the blog. Xenia just said it so brilliantly.

    But good point, there are many temptations … anyway, it helps to take a look at what I do and how I do it!

    But … I doubt I’ll change too much too fast, that’s for sure!

    In fact, if you go to my ‘Fig Leaf’ page, you’ll see I just put up a pic and link to my new favorite church scarf. :-)

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