Red Hat Society Chapter


Perhaps you have heard a rumor that I have started a chapter of the Red Hat Society.  Alas, it is indeed true.  Indulging my exhibitionistic side, I will dress all in lavender and don a pink hat (I’m not yet old enough for a red hat with purple clothing) and frolic in public. 

I am doing this for two reasons.  First, there is my aforementioned exhibitionistic streak.  I know it does not speak well of me, but there it is.

Second, I need more friends and opportunities to have fun.  If you’re female and you know me and live in my area and think this sounds like fun, get in touch.  If I’ve seemed shy and/or unapproachable, rest assured that this is not true.  I am simply under-socialized.  Sadly so.  So … know also that you can can be any age, any age at all.  The only requirement, the only rule, is that when we go out, you must dress in lavender and pink or purple and red, depending upon your stage in life

As I said, it’s a small group and we’re just starting it and so we can do it any way we want to.  What I’d really like is to have some folks under 50 (hey, even under 30!) and some over.  We’ll probably stop adding people when we get to about ten.  I’d like us to be able to sit at one table in restaurant.

And if you fear that this will mean an expenditure of funds you might better use elsewhere, please know that we will try to keep our adventures on the inexpensive side.  I’m thinking Starbucks here, folks.  Or the Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe.  Or the county fair.  Or a pie shop. 

And buying your lavender or purple clothing?  Think Goodwill.  And the hat can be a scarf or a paper hat or a flower pot or whatever.

Join me if this appeals to you!  This means you.   :-)

(photo credit to GloomyCorp)


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