2007 Ukrainian Fall Festival, Portland, Oregon

This is put on by St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Portland, Oregon.


3 thoughts on “2007 Ukrainian Fall Festival, Portland, Oregon

  1. Pierogi!? That’s Polish! (show of affected and false dudgeon (smile… being facetious!))

    Actually, we call them “varenniki” (“pirohi” in some Ukrainian peasant dialects), and we can eat them by the dozen. To confuse you even further with Slavonic trivia, those of Siberian descent (including yours truly) make a smaller version of the dish with a ground pork filling called “sibirskie pelmeni”. For some reason, these are always frozen before being cooked (they originated in Siberia, after all).

    How do I prefer mine? Varenniki with potatoes and farmer’s cheese coated in butter (please, do not speak of Satan’s margarine here) napped with sour cream (another essential Slavic staple) alongside kasha with mushrooms (boletes! God’s gift to the tummy!). Of course, this comes with kolbas from Kurowycky’s in New York (the gold standard in sausage), Borodinski bread, and a warm bowl of soul-satisfying shchi (Russian cabbage soup, the ultimate in Slavonic soul food, please, do eat it with your lacquered Palekh spoon).

    Proshu na stolu. Eshli, eshli, na zdoroviya!

    Vara the puckish

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