I love these pretty headcoverings!  From Al Muhajaba El Aniqa.


5 thoughts on “HijabiCaps

  1. The first one was de rigeur when my auntie used to take me to the synagogue 30 odd years ago. When I try it though it seems to lose some of its elegance *sigh*

  2. Those are beautiful! I have been wrestling with whether or not to wear a headcovering to church. Very few women in my church wear a headcover, but I have been feeling the urge to wear one.

  3. Wow this is beautiful. I really would enjoy wearing one of these to church.

    I have a question. Do I have to cover my hair wherever I go?

    I do try to dress as modestly as is possible, so as not to anger the lord.

    you can e mail me at Lillian_Kreiser@yahoo.de

  4. no! In my opinion, no. I don’t know if you are an Orthodox Christian, but assuming you are, covering your hair is entirely optional outside of church.

    Some people cover outside church (and women in other religious traditions cover), but in my opinion it is merely lovely and nice, but not required.

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