Do You Know About Dynamis?


Dynamis is an Orthodox Christian ministry providing meditations on the daily Bible readings of the Holy Orthodox Church’s Lectionary. It is published by the Education Committee of St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral. Its purpose is to encourage the faithful in daily reading and reflection on the Holy Scriptures.  offered free of charge via e-mail subscription. To subscribe, please send a blank e-mail message to (click on the address for an e-mail form). Readings are sent a day at a time, one day in advance.

(the pic?  Andrei Ryabushkin’s painting from 1902, “A Young Man Breaks into the Girls’ Dance, Alarming the Old Ladies.”  Thank you, Vara — and your vast network of art-loving friends! — for supplying the image!)


2 thoughts on “Do You Know About Dynamis?

  1. I don’t get them as I don’t have her email. But, I do love the colors in this painting. Very vibrant. I also get Dynamis and love it (when I read it – which isn’t as often as I should)

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