An Orthodox Balm for Europe


“…  it is inevitable that the values and mores of
European institutions and alliances will be shaped more and more by
the traditionalist views of Orthodox Christian believers and less and
less by the modern, secularized Protestant assumptions of Western
European democracies. Orthodox believers already far outnumber
Protestants across Europe, and by some estimates they may eventually
even surpass Roman Catholics. If 21st-century Europe ever develops a
religious complexion, it will be predominantly Eastern Orthodox … [full article here]”  (an article from The Christian Science Monitor, 10/11/2007)

…the pic?  a brooch I recently purchased via eBay!


2 thoughts on “An Orthodox Balm for Europe

  1. Of course, the reaction to Patriarch Aleksei’s speech at the PACE in Strasbourg shows there is yet a good distance to go. His strong statement was attacked by all the usual suspects, especially by organised gays. The American media supports the hedonists and attacks His Holiness! Unfortunately, the so-called Paris Exarchate of the EP attacked His Holiness, they too, support licentiousness (sadly).

    Patriarch Aleksei is doing his best to bring all Orthodox together (as in the MP/ROCOR reconciliation), but, there are those who call themselves Orthodox who stand aloof from the move to unity. We have made a good start, but, the road ahead is long and fraught with many trials. However, before we can reach others, our own house must be put into order decently and rightly. That shall take time, as well.

    The times ahead are not for canon-quoters and those who quote the Holy Fathers out of context. They are for those willing to shoulder the cross, nothing less.

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