The Men of the Orthodox Church: Think ‘Braveheart’


 From the article:  “Orthodox churches call men to be courageous and act (think ‘Braveheart’). Men love adventure, and our faith is a great story in which men find a role that gives meaning to their ordinary existence.”  

Orthodox writer Frederica Matthewes-Green opines that the Orthodox Church may be the only church which attracts and holds men in numbers equal to women.   She emailed a hundred Orthodox men, most of whom joined the Church as adults. Her question?  “What do you think makes this church particularly attractive to men?”  She suggests that their responses, here, may spark some ideas for leaders in other churches, who are looking for ways to keep guys in the pews.  

It’s been noted that the Orthodox Church may not be as fully supported by Orthodox men beyond America’s shores.  Readers, any thoughts?


10 thoughts on “The Men of the Orthodox Church: Think ‘Braveheart’

  1. I loved Kh. Frederica’s article, as always.

    Would you believe we’ve owned Braveheart for probably 10 years, and I’ve never seen it. I need to.

  2. It’s lovely. On the other hand, it has lots of violence. Think “Passion of the Christ” in another time, with a more flawed lead character. :-)

    I adored it and so did my husband, but your mileage may of course vary!

  3. Who needs Braveheart when there are heroes such as Kuzma Minin, St Aleksandr Nevsky, and St Dmitri Donskoi? Our Orthodox men have ALWAYS answered the call to arms, and we are better for it. Indeed, the only reason we have an Orthodox faith to practise is due to the bravery and courage of our men. Vechnaya Pamyat to all fallen Orthodox warriors! May we never forget their sacrifice.

  4. Well, I’ve read books by Orthodox Christians in Orthodox countries decrying the fact that women fill the churches while men hang out at cafes on Sundays, so the Braveheart analogy may work in the West but not necessarily everywhere.

    For that matter, there are many serious protestant men too.The holiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure and honor of meeting were all protestants.

    I suggest staying away from remotely bashing other forms of Christianity because it reeks of obnoxiousness and judgmentalism, and Kristin, I know you’re not obnoxious!

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