2008 Reading Full Circle Challenge


Here’s a cool reading challenge I’m taking on:  The Reading Full Circle Challenge. 

Explains Joy:
Use the common words from your book titles to connect the last title and the following title. For example:
Last Days of Summer
Book of a Thousand Days
A Thousand Bones
Winter’s Bone

 For the full rules and to sign up, go here!

Here’s my reading list, from the sacred to the mundane                                                                                                                                                          
(linking words indicated with italics):
My 30 Days Under the Overpass:  not your ordinary devotional
Mike Yankoski
 “Thoreau said, ‘Simplify, simplify, simplify!’ but at that moment I couldn’t help wondering if I had gone too far.” 
Under the Beetle’s Cellar  (fiction)
Mary Willis Walker
Texas crime reporter Molly Cates seems to be the only hope for rescuing a busload of children who are being held hostage by a cult leader preparing for Armageddon.  
Anthony Delisi
We all hurt in various ways—pain from childhood, unspoken fears, memories that remind us of loss—but Anthony Delisi, a Trappist chaplain, teacher, and retreat leader for nearly sixty years, shows us how to bring all of these to God as we learn to pray “in the cellar.”   
 Behold the Beauty of the Lord: praying with icons
 Henri Nouwen                                                                                                                                      Although Nouwen was a Roman Catholic priest, in this book he explores Eastern Orthodox spirituality, explaining how to pray with icons. According to a reviewer on Amazon.com, “his teaching, from an Orthodox perspective, is doctrinally sound and very insightful.” The book has four sections, one for each of the icons: The Holy Trinity (a famous icon by St. Andrei Rublev–see the movie), the Virgin of Vladimir (a beautiful icon painted by St. Luke the Evangelist, according to legend), the Savior of Zvenigorod (also by Rublev), and Pentecost.
 Living Icons: persons of faith in the Eastern Church
A close look at the lives of ten Eastern Orthodox Christian faithful, each of whom lived in the eighteenth through twentieth centuries. 
Living on the Edge: fiction by Peace Corps writers
Seventeen stories by authors who worked in the Peace Corps; includes John Coyne and Norman Rush. 
Short Trip to the Edge: where earth meets heaven — a pilgrimage
Scott Cairns
Recounting three visits to Mt. Athos and another trip to an Orthodox monastery in Arizona, Cairns describes his struggles to grow in the life of prayer as he searches for a spiritual father who can help him. 
Why is a dress?   who? what? when? where?

Elizabeth Hawes                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Hawes was a visionary and an iconoclast. She was a designer of inventive clothing and a fashion writer whose analytic prose still illuminates the world of Seventh Avenue. 

My mother’s wedding dress : the life and afterlife of clothes
Justine Picardie                                                                                                                                   
A former features editor of British Vogue, Picardie uses fashion, however broadly construed, as her version of Proust’s madeleine, the occasion to go in search of lost time and lost people. The result is a series of brief essays that eagerly wander down any conceptual path that can somehow be associated with style.     


2 thoughts on “2008 Reading Full Circle Challenge

  1. very intriguing idea and very interesting list. Nouwen is one of my favorite authors, but I haven’t read this particular book. I look forward to you thoughts.

  2. Welcome to the Reading Full Circle Challenge! I’m so glad you enjoyed this challenge within a challenge. I hope you enjoy your choices. It won’t be long before we can begin. :)

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