Father Seraphim Rose on the Heterodox


Father Seraphim Rose:  ” … it is not for us to define the state of those who are outside the Orthodox Church. If God wishes to grant salvation to some who are Christians in the best way they know, but without ever knowing the Orthodox Church—that is up to Him, not us. But when He does this, it is outside the normal way that He established for salvation—which is in the Church, as a part of the Body of Christ … [more]”

(Orthodox Wiki describes Father Seraphim Rose in this way:  “Father Seraphim Rose, né Eugene Dennis Rose [August 13, 1934-September 2, 1982] was a hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in the United States.  His writings helped spread Orthodox Christianity throughout modern America and the West;  they are also quite popular in Russia. Although not formally glorified [canonized], he is [some say prematurely] celebrated by some Orthodox Christians as a saint in iconography, liturgy, and prayer.”  The icons of Father Seraphim Rose above can be purchased from Uncut Mountain Supply:  http://www.­uncutmountainsupply.­com“)


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