Indonesia’s Orthodox Christians


 Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro will be speaking soon at Christ the Savior Orthodox Christian Church (Spokane Valley, Washington State):

Sat., March 1, 2pm: “The Church in Indonesia”

Sun., March 2, 2pm: “My Personal Journey” 

Fr. Daniel is a former Muslim from Indonesia who, to his peril, converted to Orthodox Christianity.   He is a powerful speaker and witness to the Orthodox Faith, and through his efforts about 3,000 Indonesians have converted to Orthodox Christianity (beginning with his own Muslim family);  he has established over 30 parishes there.  For this his life has been threatened more than once. 

The story of the current Orthodox situation in Indonesia is fascinating.  Did you know that the Orthodox Church in Indonesia has grown from the first convert in 1989 to close to 3,000 believers? Also, it’s intriguing that Indonesian Orthodox Christians have produced a version of wayang kulit  with Orthodox Christian themes and messages.  Find out more about this and how to support the Orthodox Christian Church in Indonesia at 

(pic shows part of a Wayang Kulit puppet — photo credit:  Mimi_K)  


2 thoughts on “Indonesia’s Orthodox Christians

  1. Amazing that a single person can have such a spiritual influence. We have an ecumenical (RC, Orthodox, Anglican, etc) Yahoo list for monastic and related spiritual and contemplative subjects, about 370 members (bishops, priest, religious, hermits, laity..).

    john (monk)

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