Christ is Risen! 2008

This bit of freestyle embroidery I based on a pysanky design found in Zenon Elyjiw’s Sixty Score of Easter Eggs: A Comprehensible Album of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.   A fantastic book.


9 thoughts on “Christ is Risen! 2008

  1. very neat stuff! On the web ring, if you know of any better web ring servers, let me know. I just picked the first one I came across.

  2. Hey, Kristin!

    I love it!

    A “Pascha Basket” is more of a “Russian” tradition: on Pascha you bring a basket with foods from which you have abstained during Great Lent (usually traditional pascha cheese, egg bread, meat, etc..). You bring the basket to church to be blessed on Holy Saturday night. Usually, folks have a white, embroidered cloth on the basket.

    I’ve seen in it Russian, Serbian, and Romanian churches, but never in “Greek”. Maybe we can start it up at St. J’s? :)Rachel

  3. Hi Kristin,

    Your designs were so lovely I was inspired to buy the Sue Dove book and am eager to try some of my own.

    By the way, your website managages to be simple, elegant, yet informative. Lots of interesting stuff here. The headcovering and clothing info and pictures are great — lots of wonderful links. Very inspirational!

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


  4. Karina, bless you, that’s so nice of you. Have fun with the embroidery! It’d be cool to see what you do!

    Are you Orthodox? I have a new ‘covered Orthodox’ list on Yahoo (Headcovering Eastern Orthodox Women) that’s shaping up to be a pretty cool list. Here’s the site:

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